Company Incorporation

We’ve helped thousands of companies like yours start business in Hong Kong. Enjoy the advantage of a business-friendly legal structure and an open, internationally-minded atmosphere. See for yourself how Startupr simplifies everything, winning you the time and freedom to focus on making money.

Incorporation Consultation

If you haven’t decided Hong Kong’s the right place for your business, or just need more information, we’re happy to answer your questions about incorporation, duties, taxes, company structure, and all the rest. Simply contact us via email or phone and schedule an Incorporation Consultation. You’ll get the inside advice to clear up doubts and make your own decision.

Registered Hong Kong Office Address

You need not be a Hong Kong citizen or resident to open a Hong Kong business. You don’t even have to be physically present in Hong. Startupr will provide you with a Hong Kong office address.  If your company’s presently outside Hong Kong, or your starting your first business anywhere, you’ll find this very convenient.

Company Secretary

Hong Kong incorporation requires every Hong Kong company to name a corporate “secretary”. But this is not the type of secretary who answers the phone and does clerical work. A corporate secretary represents your company on legal documents and ensures your company meets legal and regulatory requirements. Such a corporate secretary must be a Hong Kong resident, or a Hong Kong incorporated company. You may either provide your own or let act as corporate secretary.

Annual Return of a Hong Kong Company

Startupr can file your Hong Kong company’s annual return.

Mail forwarding

We can manage mail forwarding from your Hong Kong address to anyplace you wish.


Startupr provides accounting servies:

  • book-keeping
  • maintenance of business records and accounting documents

Profit Tax Return

Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will issue the Profit Tax Return (PTR) within one to two months before the second anniversary of the company incorporation. The profit tax return cannot be filed for more than 18 months after the incorporation date.

You can find more information about the PTR requirements here.


Closing down a Hong Kong company can be simple and quick through Startupr. We’re ready to help you de-register a firm.