How long to start a new company in Hong Kong?

Startupr is Hong Kong’s fastest incorporation provider, offering company formation in 24 hours or less.


Type of Business Entity

Private Limited


Minimum share capital required

$ 1HKD


Local Shareholders or directors required?

None.  Nor is physical presence in Hong Kong needed.


Tax on offshore profits?

Once a company has successfully applied for official tax exemption with Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department in, there is no offshore taxation.


How much authorized share capital?

Startupr recommends authorized share capital of $1,000 HKD


Location of company’s annual meetings?

Anywhere in the world.

Other requirements, important deadlines

  • Annual return: We email you 1-2 months before the filing due date for your annual return.  The deadline is normally 45 days after the anniversary of your company’s initial registration date. The filing fee is $25 USD.
  • Inland Revenue Department (IRD: The tax filing deadline for newly incorporated HK companies is 18 months after the incorporation date. Every April 1st  thereafter, HK IRD reminds companies to file within 30days.
  • Initial Annual Audit: Must be performed within 18 months after the incorporation date, though exceptions such as unlimited liability may apply.
  • AGM Annual General Meeting: Companies must held an Annual General Meeting within 18 months from the incorporation date.
  • Business Registration Certificate: The company must renew its business registration certificate by 1 to 3 years post-incorporation (depending on the certificate issuance), but no later than one month before expiration date.

Startupr emails reminders 1-2 months before due date.

Requirements Summary

  • At least 1 director–(any citizenship/residency)
  • At least 1 shareholder–(any citizenship/residency)
  • 1 company secretary–or may serve as your nominal company secretary
  • Minimum one share capital – $1HKD equals one share
  • Taxation only on profits arising in Hong Kong
  • No capital investment required


Non-Hong Kong citizens/residents

Anyone may start a company in Hong Kong. You need not be a Hong Kong citizen or resident. But each company incorporated in Hong Kong must have at least one director, a corporate secretary, and a physical location in Hong Kong. Startupr can provide a registered Hong Kong office address and serve as your corporate secretary.


Can only one person form a Hong Kong company?

Yes, the minimum is one shareholder/one director, who may be the same person. But there must also be a corporate secretary, who must be either a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong incorporated company.


Why a local secretary?

Hong Kong incorporation requires Hong Kong companies to designate a corporate secretary. This secretary is not one who answers the phone and does clerical work, but represents your company on legal documents and ensures the company complies with statutory and regulatory laws. The secretary must be a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong incorporated company. You may either provide your own corporate secretary or choose to act as your company secretary.


Director’s responsibilities

The company director is responsible for running the company day-to-day.


Corporate Secretary’s responsibilities

The secretary represents the company on legal documents and is responsible for government duties (return filing, updating company data such as a change of address, etc.).


Registered office address in Hong Kong

The company must register a Hong Kong address. Startupr can offer its Hong Kong address for this purpose.

A postal box address is not sufficient.


Corporate bank account in Hong Kong

A corporate Hong Kong bank account is not required for your company. Nor need you operate your business in Hong Kong.

Many of our international clients do business outside Hong Kong through the Hong Kong company.

You may conduct business and open a bank account in other countries as you wish. Startupr can help you open your business elsewhere.


Company name requirements

Before registering your company, it must be determined if the name you wish is already in use. Startupr can help check company names through the Hong Kong Companies Registry’s Cyber Search Center.

All company names must be written in English and bear the suffix “Limited” (Not “Ltd.”).


How much does company formation cost?

Please see our pricelist.

Select your package based on your individual needs.


Must I come to Hong Kong for incorporation?

No, your physical presence is not required.


Documents required to incorporate a Hong Kong company

Scanned copies of your passport(s) and proof of residential address (utility bills, driver’s license, etc.) are required by Hong Kong Companies Registry.


Company documents you receive once incorporation is complete

Official Hong Kong government documents: NC1-Certificate of Shares, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Business Certificate. All these are needed to opening a corporate bank account.

Incorporation process:

  • Select a company name
  • Submit an online form on this website, or download our order form and post or email back to us
  • Pay the fee
  • Startupr will check all forms for proper completion
  • Your company will normally be incorporated within 24 hours, though on rare occasions may take longer.
  • You then receive all incorporation documents: NC1 Certificate of shares (companies limited by shares), Memorandum and Articles of Association, Business Certificate


Corporate bank account in Hong Kong

Opening a Hong Kong company bank account requires the incorporation documents you receive from Companies Registry, as well as other documents and information, and a personal meeting by your company director and major shareholders with a bank officer. Usual processing time is five to ten days, depending on the circumstances.

Further details on opening a corporate bank account

If you are:

  • An Individual Person
  • A Hong Kong Limited Company
  • An overseas Limited Company (e.g. Samoa, Seychelles, Belize)

You may open these types of accounts:

  • A corporate bank account


How long does it take to open a bank account in Hong Kong?

Normally 5-20 working days, depending on which bank.


What Hong Kong banks do you recommend?

  • HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)
  • Hang Seng Bank
  • CitiBank
  • Bank of China


Do I need to make an appointment with the bank for corporate bank account opening?

An appointment is required to open a bank account. Startupr Hong Kong Limited can help arrange this appointment, preferably at least 3 days before your meeting a bank officer.


Must Directors and Shareholders attend the meeting to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong?

All Directors and any Shareholders with over 10% holding of shares in the Company must attend the Hong Kong bank meeting in person.


What documents are needed to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong?

The following documents are necessary to open a Hong Kong corporate bank account:

  1. For each Director and any Shareholder with over 10% holding of shares in the company, an original passport and original proof of residence must be presented.
  2. For business accounts, banks need to know the nature of the business, and the degree of one’s experience in that particular field. Business proofs demonstrate that your business is truly operational, and may include invoices, contracts, bills of lading, packing lists, brochures, pages from a website, your business card, company letterhead on which directors and founding shareholders are listed, etc.  If your company has just opened, you may understandably have fewer such items. In this case, a reasonable business plan and other bonafides for your business will be helpful.
  3. Office space: for some banks, companies should have proof of rented or purchased office space in Hong Kong.

If the Directors or owners of the new Hong Kong company are not Hong Kong residents, they should provide the bank with details of previously owned or existing companies in their country of residence so the bank may verify clients’ business backgrounds.

If non-resident Directors do not operate a business in their country of residence, a Hong Kong bank may approve the account opening if the Director provides a reasonable business plan, including an employment history relevant to the new company’s activities.



Must a Hong Kong company’s bank account be in Hong Kong?

No. You may maintain your company’s bank account anywhere. However, corporate bank accounts outside Hong Kong require filing apostilled documents, a service Startupr can provide.

You may open a bank account in Hong Kong with a set of company documents certified by a Certified Public Accountant in Hong Kong.


It is possible to open an offshore account for a Hong Kong company.

This requires a set of apostilled documents from the High Court in Hong Kong.. Startupr Hong Kong Limited can arrange for these documents.


What banks outside Hong Kong does Startupr recommend?

We have experience with the following banks abroad:

  • Bank of Valleta (Malta)
  • Europac Bank (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
  • CIM Banque (Switzerland)

Startupr Hong Kong Limited can

  1. Arrange your meeting with the bank.
  2. Prepare the certified true copies of company documents for opening a bank account.
  3. Follow-up with the bank on related account opening issues.


Please note that the final decision to open a corporate account is made by the bank after reviewing the company’s documents, proofs, and proposals. Startupr itself is neither responsible nor liable for any bank’s decision.


What currency is used as share capital for a Hong Kong company?

The most common share capital currency is the Hong Kong Dollar (e.g. 1share equals $1HKD), but any major currency may be used.


Can a corporate director be appointed?

Yes, the company may appoint one natural citizen or a corporate board of directors. For instance, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands may act as director, or any natural person, of any citizenship, may do so.


May a registered Hong Kong company’s name be changed?

A Hong Kong company’s name may be changed through a special resolution, Notification of Change of Company Name, filed with the Companies Registry Hong Kong. Startupr may help you with changing your company name.


How does one close a Hong Kong company?

Closing down a Hong Kong company can be a simple and quick process, depending on which process is appropriate. A company may be “de-registered” only if it never commenced business. A company may be “struck off” from Companies Registry for violation of the HK Companies Ordinances. “Winding up” an operating company involves clearing its accounts, liquidating assets, and distributing net proceeds to company members.

Each action results in company dissolution.


For further step-by-step details, click “How it works” at the top of this page.