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Startupr Hong Kong Limited will support your business all the way, from inception and registration, to daily operations. Before you even do business with us, you can get free startup formation advice from our websites and blog, including the business registration process and incorporation requirements.

Your first step in incorporation starts here. We can get your company incorporated within 24 hours. Please note that nearly all our services can be initiated online.

Startupr is TCSP Licensee No. TC007820 of Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, Companies Registry.

Startupr.com.hk is operated by Startupr Hong Kong Limited.

Startupr Hong Kong limited is also operating http://startupr.hk, and http://startupregistry.hk. All websites belongs to Startupr Hong Kong Limited and we offer the same services on all of our websites.

Our founder

Tomas Milar

Tomas Milar | Founder

Tomas Milar is a seasoned expert in company formation, corporate governance, and administration. He’s helped new entrepreneurs start, structure, and run businesses all over the world. His extensive knowledge of offshore banking has proved advantageous to many clients, particularly corporations. He is a member of the European Parliament of Entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Patty Leung

Patty Leung | Customer Relationship Coordinator

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Karrie Leung

Karrie Leung | Customer Relationship Coordinator

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Crystal Chan

Crystal Chan | Administrator

[email protected]

Lily Kwok

Lily Kwok | Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Agnes Wong

Agnes Wong | Administrative Assistant

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Kitman Man

Kitman Man | Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Our employees speak English,Cantonese and Mandarin. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!